Fixed arbor saws provide the greatest production volume and reliability with the least amount of maintenance. Best for high volume, fixed width applications such as moulding and dimension plants using higher grade materials.
Mereen-Johnson offers two series of fixed arbor saws to choose from. The Model 312 series saw is a high value machine for small to mid-sized shops and our 400 series saws which are designed for 24 hour production. 400 series saws are available in 24", 31" and 40" width capacities. 

                                              312DC Fixed Arbor Gang Rip Saw          424 Rip Saw             
                                                               Model 312-DC                                                 Model 400 Series
                                                               Specifications                                            Specifications                                                                                                                                   

Mereen-Johnson's TwistLock Blade Setting System

                                              Fixed arbor saw tooling changes can be facilitated and changeover 
                                              times reduced with our dual swing arm and tip-up cart assemblies.

  • Features

    Heavy duty cast iron and steel frame construction. Direct drive, high efficiency arbor motor. “Posi-Feed” bed with replaceable steel backed rubber inserts. Available in 12”, 24”, 31, 40”, 52”, 60” and 96” width capacities (for more information of wide capacity panel ripping - Click Here) for solid lumber and panel ripping applications (Custom width panel saws also available). Power arbor hoist Powered vertical pressure head adjust

  • Benefits

    Guaranteed glue joint precision allows edge gluing directly after ripping. Reduced moulder allowance reduces waste and increases your yield. Bullet-proof dependability with minimal maintenance keeps operating costs down and productivity up. Higher production as no gap between boards is required High re-sale value and lowest cost of ownership.

  • Optional Equipment

    - TwistLock collars, the industry's fastest fixed
       blade positioning system.
    - Laser stands and lights.
    - Infeed conveyors and Pinch rolls
    - Outfeed systems  
    - Rip optimizing systems 
    - Belt driven arbors up to 150HP
    - Spare sleeves, spacers, and tooling