Profitability requires more than just improving yield from your raw materials.

Mereen-Johnson’s material handling and Rip Navigator Optimizing Systems are designed to provide increased production, better feeding accuracy, detailed production reporting, improved lumber yield, higher profits, and greater operator safety.

Rip Navigator Scout provides higher productivity with infeed chains, board dealers, and optional board flipper or Rip Navigator Tracker provides a more affordable solution in a compact package.



And now vision scanning with NaviVision
                   NaviVision with screen


NaviVision utilizes multiple color cameras for single face board scanning, providing rip solutions based on either rip width only or rip width and cross cut requirements. Cameras scan for each board's width, length, location / size of defects, and crook. Wane detection and scanning both faces are available options. 

NaviVision is also the perfect scanning and system upgrade to integrate with most existing Mereen-Johnson Scout, Group 7 DYSYS, and Barr-Mullin rip saw infeed systems.

  • Features

    Heavy duty construction. Multiple point laser measurement, Light Curtain through feed scanner or high end, multiple technology scanners. Full range material handling from simple, manual systems to fully automated systems. Detailed reporting capability. Now available in both RH and LH versions

  • Benefits

    Dependable, durable and accurate. Accurately measure and track board width, length, sweep, wane, knots or other defects, based on the right level of scanning technology to meet your needs. Built to meet your individual production and floor space capacities. Get the information you need to make better production, vendor, and management decisions.

  • Optional Equipment

    Automatic board flipper
    Foot pedal controls
    Outfeed pinch rolls and conveyance systems
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