Your Mereen-Johnson Gang Rip Saw is equipped with a mist oil lubrication system. A properly functioning lubrication system can greatly extend the service life expectancy of the saw's feed system, which has a direct impact on machine performance, quality of cut and maintenance costs.

When properly functioning, your mist lubrication system will apply approximately five ounces of lubricant per 8 hour shift of operational production.

A calibrated label which can be affixed to your mist lubrication system that can be used as reference for visually checking that the system is applying the correct and recommended amount of lubrication. If your machine does not have this label, contact your Mereen-Johnson Customer Service Representative for a replacement.

Each graduation on the label represents an approximate volume of lubricant which should be applied in an eight hour production shift.

In winter months when ambient temperatures will fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, a special winter viscosity blend is recommended.

In applications where ambient temperature will fall below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, a special heated lubrication unit may be required.

Due to the volume of inquiries regarding lubrication specifications and difficulties sourcing proper mist lubrications locally, Mereen-Johnson now offers a private label brand of oil mist lubricants specifically blended to maximize performance of your saw's lubrication system.

Should your lubrication system not function as recommended, please reference your operations manual or contact the Mereen-Johnson Customer Service Department for assistance.           

Mereen-Johnson mist oil lubrication blends can be ordered by calling 888-465-7297 or 800-328-4588.